Are your old ideas standing in the way of New Love?

On a visit to Asheville, NC, Love Disruptor Founders David Gold and Juli Reeves found themselves immersed in a continuous stream of ecstatic love and overflowing abundance that was serendipitously captured on a 30-minute recording. 

This 4-part audio series highlights the best of that recording, directly transmits a Love Unimaginable and allows you to eavesdrop on the love-filled playground that is their life, and be uplifted by their sharp and easy humor, unbounded excitement and childlike curiosity. 

If you want to hear - and directly experience - what overwhelming love and abundance sounds and feels like, sign up now.

This direct transmission of love will quiet your
mind and free your heart to soar.

What will you get?

Part 1 - Love at a Truck stop (8 ½ minutes)
Discover how an unassuming woman wiping down a countertop at a truck stop became a poster child for Universal Love, and why we don’t have to change in order to experience either love or abundance.

Part 2 - Love and Abundance are One and the Same (6 minutes)
When you invite either love or abundance into your life, you fling open the doors to endless possibilities for both.

Part 3 - The Universe Knows Real Love when It Sees it (4 ½ minutes)
The Universe Knows authentic love when It sees it - and you’ll Know and experience it too, when you "eavesdrop" on Juli and David’s infectious love in this 3rd installment.

Part 4 - Love is Who we are (5 ½ minutes)
Living life swimming in an ocean of love may not be everyone’s dream, but it is the dream that David and Juli are discovering, living, and sharing "contagiously" with others. What such a love looks like - and sounds like - is their gift to you in the last audio segment.

1. Directly experience how imperfect people can live in perfect (and even messy) love;

2. Disrupt your limiting ideas about loneliness and scarcity via David and Juli’s deep ease, boundless humor and infectious authenticity;

3. Reconnect to your own deepest dreams, experiences and wisdom about love and abundance.

4. Discover keys to living in love and abundance that may sound too good to be true but actually work for real people


Love Disruptors

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Love Disrupter founders David Gold and Juli Reeves are living a Love Unimaginable - while also living as real people in a real - and oftentimes messy - world. 

The joy and authenticity of their love is contagious, while their insights into life, love and abundance are simultaneously practical and transformative.

“Love and Abundance for Real People” Audio Series

$7.99 for entire audio series

Attuning to love in 30 minutes
A direct audio transmission of love and abundance

$7.99 for entire audio series

Sign up for the Love Disrupters Audio Series

“Eavesdrop” on love in this 4-part audio series and catch the contagion that is Authentic Love.

Attuning to love in 30 minutes
A direct audio transmission of love and abundance

Sign up for the Love Disrupters Audio Series

$7.99 for entire audio series

In this 4 part, 30 minute (total) audio series you will 

Turn on – the switch that will illuminate your deepest dreams about love 

Tune in - to a direct transmission of what that love looks and sounds like in real people 

Drop Out – of old ideas about loneliness and scarcity